As promised:

Susan & Adam’s Wedding Registry # 11618910

These past 2 months have been intense. We’ve accomplished a lot, from wardrobe to decorations and more.

The big thing left to do? Build a song list for the DJ. Requests, anyone?



Planning a wedding is a hectic business. In the past month, we have:

  • Built our Gift Registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond (Link forthcoming)
  • Bought Adam a suit, shirt, tie, shoes & ecoutrement (No telling!)
  • Found the right ties for Adam’s Groomsmen (aka Chuppateers…sounds good, right?)
  • Planned decor and started purchasing accordingly
  • Obtained a photographer

And if that weren’t enough, this weekend we’re shopping wedding cakes!

We’re also going to help out with Super Sunday at the Jewish Federation of Ocean County while we’re in Lakewood. There is no better way to help your community than by getting involved. Find a way to be a part and make a difference in your Jewish community today!

(Oh, and if you’re in Ocean County… sending us a few bucks is a great way to show your support. In fact, if you get a friendly call this Sunday, be sure to tell them you’d like your donation to go towards the Goldbenz Wedding Fund 🙂

(Just kidding, Abba-in-Law-to-Be, just kidding…ish 😉 )

The other week I took a Power Point ’07 training class at work with my Ima-In-Law-To-Be.  She instructed the class to create a Power Point presentation on any subject we wanted.

Hello!  What else have I thought about since September?

We were instructed to find related pictures on Google, so as soon as I found this one, I knew what I’d put on my slide.

Save the Dates…

…are in the mail!

Go ahead, take a peek. You know you want to.

Adam and I fairly creative people; more specifically, I’m fairly creative and he’s incredibly technical.  So, with our talents combined, we could rule the

–Save the Date market?

In any case, we couldn’t just do your typical Save-the-Date.  Come to think of it, the way this wedding is coming together, nothing is going to be “typical.”  However, it may just be typ-TASTIC!

And if you think this post constitutes a sick amount of word play, just wait until you see the actual invitations…


August 1, 2010


21 Av 5770

is our wedding date!

More details to come…

Very Funny Jewish Wedding with English subtitles–a sketch from a TV series (?) called La Boda.

Thanks to the Future Abba-in-Law.


Israeli Wedding Blogs!

Given Adam’s Israeli background and our mutual Zionist streak, we’ve gotten into reading about Israeli weddings online. Obviously, an Israeli wedding is no American affair. The differences are amusing, especially when observed by Americans who made aliyah.

The best by far is the commentary of Benji Lovitt in An Idiot’s Guide to Israeli Weddings:

“Hey, who let the homeless guy in??? (pause) Oh, that’s the groom??? How’s he gonna break the glass wearing Crocs?”

Israeli weddings: where Bryan Adams songs go to die.

Of course the whole American concept of wedding crashers would never work here. The country’s too small…everyone knows each other!

“Hey, who are you?”
“Ehh…I am Moshe, I am stock broker.”
“No, you’re not! You’re Dudu’s cousin! You work at gas station!”

To translate for our readers who are completely Israeli-unaware: Weddings in Israel are not formal, black tie, invitation-only affairs. They are European shtetl culture (everyone is invited–as one writer noted, her groom’s parents’ “begrudgingly whittled down the list” to 500) meets European dance party (the hora is done to a house/techno/trance beat, to be followed by remixes of such classics as Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5) meets an average night at the Israeli Academy Awards (“Then the ceremony begins. The goal of the invited guests is to talk as much as humanly possible and pretend that a wedding is not happening. Bonus points are awarded for answering a cell phone.”) meets the ‘average’ size of your Bubbe’s holiday spread.

Just in case you’re wondering, no, I will not be wearing one of these.

There are a few things we appreciate about the Israeli wedding:  Adam would love like hell to avoid wearing a tie (as he says, he’s Israeli–it’s in his blood), we dig the idea of a good spread, and jeans and t-shirts don’t bother us in the slightest–although our mothers would definitely label anyone who showed up that way as “gauche” (be forewarned).  But our wedding will definitely be more on the Jewish <i>American</i> side of our cultural sphere.